We discovered a way to ease your traffic frustrations.


Let someone else do the driving.

Your daily commute doesn’t have to be the most frustrating part of your day. Taking the public transit options does not only unclutter the roads, but it also saves time as well, and this saved time can be used to catch up on social media, texts, reading and other stuff you love to do. Commuting by bus eases and reduces your commute costs. The HART bus services are available in all routes in Tampa for your daily commute.

Park and Ride lots also allow you to park your car for free in a lot near your home, available all days of the week so that you can enjoy a stress-free train or express bus service.

Here is a list of public transit services that you can enjoy in Tampa:

  • Metro-Rapid Services: Offers a ride in a sleek and comfortable bus with new and modern stations with bicycle racks. If you are looking for a faster bus service, this service has limited stops and a Transit Signal Priority that holds green lights and shortens red lights for Metro-Rapid buses. Yes you are right, no more excuses about long commute hours.
  • HARTFlex Bus: Is a door-to-door service within defined geographic zones of the county – Brandon, South County, Northdale, Town ‘N Country, and South Tampa. Walk-up services are also available at designated HART bus stop.

We hope that this information will at least get you to consider SHIFT’ing to transit, Get started by planning your next HART bus trip here.