How do I get started?

We are here to guide you to make informed travel choices. We start slow and progress to an expert level. All you need to do is download the Commute Tampa Bay app to plan your trip and get points that can be redeemed at your local store.

Do I have to pay for assistance?

SHIFT Tampa Bay does not charge for any travel assistance.

Is there a way to track my bus?

Yes. The one bus away offers real-time updates and information on HART bus arrivals and departures.

How do I start a carpool?

Use the Commute Tampa Bay app within your geo-location. Choose your destination and the app will highlight people headed in the same direction, alternatively identify people headed to the same place or using the same route and ride together.

How do I plan my trips?

Planning your trip requires you to pick your destination or route, estimate your arrival time, recurrence, and pick a mode so that you can make prior arrangements.

What is trip planning and trip recording?

Trip planning is getting a personalized day-by-day itinerary for your normal daily commutes while trip recording is tracking all your commute activities, whether its carpooling, biking or transit.

Which option guarantees you a fast commute?

One of the best ways to ensure a fast commute is to plan your trip so you can receive real-time tips and updates from other commuters apps within your area.

Is there a charge on alternative commute options?

Downloading the app is free and travel advisors are here to help with identifying alternative commute plans at absolutely no charge. Alternative options like carpooling and transit are cheap commute options that can help you save your money.